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Beach pyjamas of the 1930s were sold or made as sets, trousers and a top and perhaps a jacket to coverup with. We have made just a small quantity in a lightweight, lovely floppy viscose. Off white blooms are sprinkled all over our new beach pyjama trousers. The fabric is a medium weight viscose (slightly heavier than last years version). We have two colourways, a deep teal and a rich wine. Both beach holiday worthy and look great on the dance floor. You could mix and match with one of our blouses, either as a top tucked in or knotted in front, or as a jacket over a sunbathing top. We added an elasticated waistband at the back. It's not authentic, but we thought of everyone at the beach, eating ice creams and feeling hot, and sitting on the sand. A firm waistband just doesn't seem comfortable enough. So we made the decision for comfort, and added the sash so you can hide that elastic and swan about like a film star with a lovely long sash about your waist.

The fabric is 100% viscose (AKA Rayon) and as such is very true to the styles vintage origins. However it does come with a warning in that all viscose will shrink 1-2% when washed. With ironing you can recover it to its original width, but the length doesn’t revert back to the original measurement. The manufacturer recommends dry cleaning for this reason but we prefer to wash on a cool setting (30 degrees is ok) and accept the small shrinkage. You cannot put it in the dryer, not even for a little bit, as it will not iron out again! The shrinkage will be permanent!

Modelling: Kitten Von Mew

Photographer: Charlotte Doran Davies

100% viscose Machine washable 30 degrees