Ladies Swing Trousers - Pumpkin with stretch ONLY SIZE 16 LEFT

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Rich roasted pumpkin, it’s a comfort shade that returns to fashion regularly and can make all your basic colours sing with fresh zest. Black, grey, navy, beige, brown, whites, creams, it can partner up with them all.

It’s not red, so is kinder to unusual shades too. It’s very happy with mustard and ochre (another fashion statement this season) but you could try a forest green, or a teal. Black and white - gingham, dogstooth, or zebra feel really happy with this burnished orange as does leopard print and tartans.

It’s appeared in every decade so it can take you back in time, especially to the 30s, 40s or 70s in our classic wide leg trousers


It’s poly viscose so drapes beautifully. Many of our vintage ladies love the freedom of movement it allows without loosing any style points. The fabric looks like a typical old fashioned garberdine, and is soft to touch and drapes beautifully.

The inside leg length is 31.5" and there is another 1" remaining under the turn up. Some ladies have been surprised to learn that they don't need as long a leg as they think. We think this is because people are used to their jeans length, or that of a narrower leg trouser. Because these are wide and less likely to catch on the thigh, they hang better than narrower leg trousers, and so your length may be different.

The Fabric is our lovely lightweight crepe, which is 63% polyester, 33% viscose and 4% spandex.

The polyester means it is easily washable and requires little or no ironing, and the viscose keeps its cool and helps it swing.


Modelled by:  Kitten Von Mew (pictures 2,4,6)

Photographer: Charlotte Doran Davies

Modelled by: Gemma Seager (pictures 1, 3,5)