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When we found this fabric we just had to have it. Fantasy tropical blooms create a lush garden paradise. The trousers come with one pocket and a matching sash.

The colours are a vibrant red, stone and black flowers with marigold yellow centres.

The matching Martha blouse is also available.

Beach pyjamas of the 1930s were sold or made as sets, trousers and a top and perhaps a jacket to coverup with. We have made just a small quantity in a lightweight, lovely floppy viscose to test how we like them. You could mix and match with one of our blouses, either as a top tucked in or knotted in front, or as a jacket over a sunbathing top.

We added an elasticated waistband at the back. It's not authentic, but we thought of everyone at the beach, eating ice creams and feeling hot, and sitting on the sand. A firm waistband just doesn't seem comfortable enough. So we made the decision for comfort, and added the sash so you can hide that elastic and swan about like a film star with a lovely long sash about your waist.

As they are 100% viscose they will shrink in the wash. You'll think they are ruined! They will iron out though - Pull and stretch the fabric back into shape as you iron. You can be quite firm on it!

There will be about 1% permanent shrinkage, most obvious in the length. Please make sure you wash them before taking them up!

They will be fine if you choose to dry clean only.

Modelled by: Kitten Von Mew

100% viscose