Guest Post : Americana 2014

Howdy hi!

This year the Americana festival celebrates its 34th year and part of the line up was the Fashion Show, very kindly hosted by Aislinn of BooBoo Kitty Couture. Aislinn and BBKC also hosted the show last year and its great that, over the total four years that the Fashion Show has been running, a lot of the original core girls have remained. To me (who has modelled for three of those four), that says the organisers are doing something right, so firstly a big thank you to everyone involved in the show and the weekender over all.

This year there was a whopping 18 hotcake ladies modelling and I was so chuffed to see I'd been given Heyday to model for again along with some other fab brands.

Our modelling group was made up of:

Dolly Minx
Stephanie Jay
Little Gem
Lila Lawless
Doe Demure
Emma Dynamo Marshall

These girls are so lovely and it was great to see some familiar faces again and meet new friends!

When it came to the show itself, we all met from 10-11am on the Saturday to make sure the outfits we've been provided with fit (that helps!) and do a run through to make sure we're all comfortable with what we need to do. After all, walking on stage and showing off clothes isn't as easy as it may seem; the eyes are on just you and if you fall over....well...I'd laugh my face off if I fell over but it doesn't look great basically. And you know it'd be on YouTube!

I had new heels to try so I gave them a test run to settle my fall-over worries and it was then a case of organising the outfits and prepping for the show! Exciting!

Saturday's show was at 14:45 and we were revving our modelly walky engines and ready to go! Heyday's collection was second to last and by the time we put on the outfits we were well into the swing of things and clapping each other down the runway. Here's a snap of the Heyday girls before we went on stage during the Saturday catwalk! I'm wearing the Bessie paired with white swing it, really goes with the spirit of Americana!

The first show went fabulously so we were well and truly ready for the second show on the Sunday.
On the Saturday night_ and as a preparation for the next day, I headed out for dinner and cocktails with Goldy Loxx, Hellkat, Ria Fend and Sailor Cherry.


We even made friends with a handsome fella called Tiki Malcolm too! What a dreamboat!

The Sunday show meet up was a bit later on as everyone knew what to do, how to walk, what they were wearing and where to be. We got our first set of outfits on and had a few behind-the-scenes snaps, touch up of the old make up and barnet and we bloomin' did it again!

Every girl looked awesome and no walk and pose was the same as the next. Wonderous! The Sunday was the day Luna Photography was at the end of the catwalk too so the girls gave it some extra BOOMPOW. Check out some more of the professional pics on the Heyday! Facebook page here!

Stephanie Jay

To end the show we did one final walk round with Aislinn leading us and, with tons of smiles and high fives, 2014's Americana fashion show was done!

As a tradition we take a snap of everyone after the show so here's a peek at everyone together... What a fab bunch!

Luna Photography

It's a pleasure working with so many talented people and I hope the Americana fashion show carries on for a long time, with brilliant brands continuing to be involved and it's great to see smart women leading the way. Huzzah!!

Ciao for now, you beautiful bunch.


Stephanie Jay