The Future of Heyday!

Heyday has always been a small and very personal business. Run by Me (Shona) who does all the designing and oversees everything, with the help of my husband Twan and 2 lovely helpers. Since becoming a Mum, time is all too important and the demands of Heyday have become a little overwhelming.

We thought about selling up and we thought about just stopping, but neither feels right. While I might be living in more practical mum clothes, the designs for that era keep popping up in my head, and besides, I have lots of lovely customers that make it all worthwhile.

Shona and Jonelle

So we are changing things around a bit so Heyday can continue on in a more manageable way:

We will be discontinuing some lines to free up some cash to invest in our most popular lines. The Fleur, Judy and Twizzle dresses, men's Gabs, full circle skirts, bow, Bessie and wrap blouses will all be going. We may still do special one offs of them if we come across extra special fabric, but for now we'll be focusing on the basics.

We won't be taking the Heyday stall out to any big events either, online will be your only place to find Heyday and we'll be posting 2 days a week on Mondays and Thursdays. We do hope to come along as punters for a change and catch up with some of you there!

If you have any questions about the future of Heyday, just drop us a line, but in the meantime, now is your chance to grab a bargain in our clearance sale as we make way for the future!

Here's what you'll find in our sale right now.

Fleur and Judy Dresses 30% off
Elizabeth and Twizzle Dresses 40% off

Bessie and Wrap Tops 40% off
Bow and old style Martha Blouses 20% off

Bessie Skirts 10% off

Mens Gabs and Mens Shirts 20% off