Olivia Blouse - Short Sleeve - Sunlit Blooms on Blue

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The Olivia is a late 30s pattern adapted to modern figures. The exaggerated collar and puffed sleeves are typical of the era.

This striking print features dahlia style flowers blooming on a lapis blue background. The flowers are ivory with rose and light orange highlights. The leaves are olive and a soft lime green.
This would work with any green, navy, brown or ivory and beige tones. Because the blue has purple tones it would look striking with black and grey as well.

The fabric is 100% viscose (AKA Rayon) and as such is very true to the styles vintage origins. However it does come with a warning in that all viscose will shrink 1-2% when washed. With ironing you can recover it to its original width, but the length doesn’t revert back to the original measurement. The manufacturer recommends dry cleaning for this reason but we prefer to wash on a cool setting (30 degrees is ok) and accept the small shrinkage. You cannot put it in the dryer, not even for a little bit, as it will not iron out again! The shrinkage will be permanent!

100% viscose
Machine Washable at 30 degrees

Modelled by: Kitten-Von-Mew
Photographer: Charlotte Doran Davies