Beach Pyjama Trousers - Ivy green

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These come up generous in comparison to our regular ladies swing trousers so you can choose a size down

Beach pyjamas of the 1930s were sold separately or made as sets, trousers and a top and perhaps a jacket to coverup wit

We’ve gone out on a limb and chosen buttons that had us drooling. They are painted wood from our lovely UK suppliers. If you don’t like them though, we will offer an alternative for you to purchase and change yourself.

Please do not use a dryer for viscose (any viscose, not just ours) as it will shrink in both length and width and you will not regain it when ironing it out. Washing will cause slight shrinkage.

We added an elasticated waistband at the back. It's not authentic, but we thought of everyone at the beach, eating ice creams and feeling hot, and sitting on the sand. A firm waistband just doesn't seem comfortable enough. So we made the decision for comfort, and added the sash so you can hide that elastic and swan about like a film star with a lovely long sash about your waist.

Once you've placed your order we'll ask our UK manufacturers to finish it for you. It could take up to a week. (We'll keep you informed regarding the delivery date)

Modelled by: Shona Van Beers

Flat lay: Remix vintage shoes, vintage bag, bow and crossbone bangles and earrings mixed with second hand orange bangle