Beautility trousers - Natty navy and red - touch of stretch

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Same beautiful fit as our ladies swing trousers, with lovely deep utility pockets that gracefully flatter your hips and waist.

Lovely dark navy linen blend trousers with contrast red pocket stitching and matching red buttons. You could team them with our lighthouse top for an easy nautical themed outfit, or with anything really. So long as you have one other pop of red (bag, shoes or lippy), you’ll look totally pulled together.The fabric is lush - drapey and fairly heavy, but cool for dancing. It will need ironing, but not as much as regular linen.

Linen and viscose both shrink in heat. You can machine wash but keep it below 40 degrees. Never ever dry in the dryer or it will shrink - this is true of all viscose, not just this fabric (you aren’t always told this clearly!)As with all viscose, once it’s dry you’ll notice it pulls in a bit until you iron it and then it will relax back. You can shape it a by ironing it with a bit of tension on the fabric.

We didn’t have time to get content labels made so here it is: 27% linen, 70% viscose, 3% spandex

The inside leg length is 31.5" and there is another 1" remaining under the turn up. Some ladies have been surprised to learn that they don't need as long a leg as they think. We think this is because people are used to their jeans length, or that of a narrower leg trouser. Because these are wide and less likely to catch on the thigh, they hang better than narrower leg trousers, and so your length may be different.

3 bangles from are from Bow and Crossbones. All other accessories and top are vintage or homemade.

Modelled by: Lori Jade