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Coats are born to be stunning, or at least, this one is. Inspired by a coat purchased in New York, this coat has serious street cred with it's figure enhancing shape. Be warned: You will be noticed.

This coat is from the 1940s, with it's wide collar. Its full pleats will easily accommodate petticoats and circle skirts so it will merge happily with your 1950s clothing.

We have called it the 5th Avenue coat as its inspiration was from that city. New York was a hub for new designers who could blossom while Europe's fashion houses were feeling the effects of war. America was also not rationed nearly as much, so this combination of full skirt and wide collar could easily be from the early or mid 40s.

We've chosen the most exciting Green and Black houndstooth woven fabric. The Green is a vibrant Kelly Green which off sets the black beautifully.

As with all our coat fabrics to date, the fabric is "direct from the cutting room floor" meaning it is left over designer stock, so we can't be sure of the fabric content. We are guessing at a wool and polyester mix. It is completely matt and the weave is slightly loose. This means it drapes wonderfully but may not be as warm as a tighter weave.

Once you've placed your order we'll ask our UK manufacturers to finish it for you. It could take 1 week. (We'll keep you informed regarding the delivery date) 

This coat has some unusual design features, carried over from the original, that set it apart from your regular coats:

  • Square cut arm holes allow for a greater length of movement than you'd expect
  • Deep cuffs, this time with the split facing the back, this is a very flattering look when wearing gloves
  • The super wide collar sets the era of this coat more in the 40s than the 50s
  • Lots of fabric in the skirt which will accommodate all skirt shapes and look great over trousers
  • Shoulder pads which help frame the collar shape
  • Contoured back waist from which the pleats drop from.
  • The back collar delightfully mimics the waist shape
  • Two hidden pockets at the front, cosy for your hands and ideal for travel essentials. Big enough for a mobile
  • Generous authentic length

Made right here in the UK from materials also sourced here.

The actual measurements of this garment are as follows:

XS: B34" W28" S: B37" W30" M: B39" W33" L: B44" W38" XL: B49" W40" Length 47" Some ladies with a larger bust wear it with the top button undone and a scarf to stop drafts.

Modelled by: Kitten Von Mew