Ladies Swing Trousers - Alternate red and white stripe

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Our duo striped pair of white and red are slightly unexpected. We’ve done these before (a surprise bolt found at one of our wholesalers) and they did sell out fast.

While still smart and classy, these just have a little more punch with the red stripe. These I do think are best with a hit of some other red, whether it a vintage jumper, heels or a red lip. Remember you don’t want too many pops of your contrast colour - three is about right, and your lips count as one! Truly lovely popping out under a red coat.
This fabric is ex designer stock (being off cuts from a larger manufacturer) and is 100% polyester. The polyester means it is easily washable and requires little or no ironing. It drapes beautifully and has a touch of stretch. It’s a medium weight so not too hot.

The inside leg length is 31.5" and there is another 1" remaining under the turn up. Some ladies have been surprised to learn that they don't need as long a leg as they think. We think this is because people are used to their jeans length, or that of a narrower leg trouser. Because these are wide and less likely to catch on the thigh, they hang better than narrower leg trousers, and so your length may be different.

Made in the UK.

Modelled by:  Kitten Von Mew