Mary Dress - Swishy Pink

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We’ve named these plains “swishy” because they are a lovely, swingable, drapey viscose. (Please read the notes below about care and sizing) It’s a beautiful grown up rose pink, very vintage vogue. Perfect for spring and summer and can take you dancing in cooler months with a bit of bling.

Classic pairings: white, navy, black, Quirky pairings: lilac, teal or leopard print! This dress is 100% viscose (known as rayon in the States), just like the old days! You’ll be seeing more Viscose around as designers and Manufacturers move away from Polyester for eco conscious reasons. It will need ironing - just like the old days...but it breathes much better.

Viscose does shrink a little when it’s washed, and will bounce back once the fibers are relaxed and flattened through ironing. However... it will loose a bit of length. Our dresses lost half an inch through washing at 30 degrees and then ironing it back out. DO NOT USE THE DRYER! Dryers, even for a short blast, reach high temperatures that will shrink your viscose all over and ironing won’t help it much.

Our Mary vintage style dress recreates the late 30s to early 1940s with its gathered shoulders, puff sleeves and fitted waist.  It has a great bust enhancing look, while displaying very little cleavage.

Other features include:

  • A discrete invisible zip down the centre back - Yes, we know it isn't too vintage that way, but girls were getting stuck after having their hair done when we had only a side zip.
  • Shoulder pads for authenticity (easily removed by snipping the stitching if you so desired)
  • A-line skirt to skim the hips and tummy.
  • Machine Washable.
  • 100% viscose

Made in the UK

Modelled by: Kitten-Von-Mew

Photographer: Charlotte Doran Davies 

Location: Stratford Garden Centre