Patti Dress - Jolly holiday

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A whimsy of a later 50s to early 60s dress. It’s easy to wear, fun and lively, a little cheeky, and very comfortable.
The bust line crosses over with generous pleats over the bust and gathers to meet the fitted waist. The skirt is gently pleated, and the side seams hide handy pockets.
It makes for a happy holiday dress or party frock, and will be especially cool on hot days since a petticoat isn’t needed.

We happened across the most lovely vintage ticket print fabric. For those of you who are scrupulous in your vintageness we did find some dates on the tickets one being 19 March ‘63 and the other is 3 August ‘74. The first is ok with the dress period but the seventies one is a bit modern!
But you have to look very closely. And maybe you fancy yourself as a bit of a time traveller anyway!

Modelled by: Kitten Von Mew and Luna Nightingale
Photographer for Kitten: Charlotte Doran Davies

100% Cotton
Machine washable.

Made in the UK