Twizzle Starlet Dress - Tropical butterflies

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Our twizzle has had a make over, and ohh she’s a sophisticated beauty now. Firstly, as you can see, she has a swish and sway like never before. That’s a detachable swag! It’s like a short skirt you can wear on top. It does up with a secret hidden button and has a cleverly elasticised waist that won’t tell that you are spending your day in delicious comfort of an easy-going fit. The skirt part has a swash attached to it, like you’ve fabulously, cleverly, knotted your garment in true starlet style.

Secondly, we’ve done a bit of foundation work too – she’s had a lift! Well…we found the waist would hit slightly low, right on the line where ones tummy likes to show… so we’ve lifted the waist by 1.5”. We lengthened the skirt by the same amount and that adds a little more swish too. Lastly, her neckline, while gorgeous, had sort of slipped down over the years and no longer looked really 40s, so we brought that up a little to be more period correct.  (Hint: If you want to show more cleavage you could amend that yourself as it’s just a simple seam)

If you haven’t met our Twizzle already, she is our stealth bombshell dress. She has all the look of a vintage dress that we can pack in, but we make her in easy care, easy wear, stretch jersey fabrics. She’s like going out with your best most loveliest friend - one that skims over your bumpy bits and doesn’t mind if you only pick her up at the last minute.

Delightful butterflies flounce across a ferny forest backdrop. This fabric is slightly thicker, creating gorgeous lines and flow.

Colour wise this has so many shades it’s difficult to start! Soft mossy green, dark forest green and bottle green provide the backdrop. The startling yellow flowers are buttercup with a hint of chartreuse. The butterflies are Ivory, cream,  beige, grey, dark brown, lemon, terracotta, mandarin and orange. I see touches of red and sapphire too.

Wearing wise, so much is on the buffet table! All the browns, all the greens, grey, Black, Ivory, beige. A dark navy looks fine too. For summer, all the lemons, yellow, gold tones would be great. For autumn, you could bring out the oranges, hot tomato, paprika and pumpkin. Dark reds look great too – Crimson and Claret.

Some of the butterfly wings offer the chance to pair the print with leopard print accessories if you want to ramp up the power styling

Only the sash part of the swag is lined as we found it too stiff with lining. The underside of the sash is the only part that shows when you twirl, and that is a matching plain duck egg soft bamboo lining.

Green butterflies: Main body: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane.

Swag lining 95% Bamboo, 5% Elastane. (The swag lining information is not on the content label as we only realised late in the production process that to self-line it would be too stiff)

Modelled by: Kitten Von Mew

Photographer: Charlotte Doran Davies